LOGBYE instructions: step 1

Authorize LOGBYE App on FACEBOOK just once

LOGBYE instructions: step 2

Go to LOGBYE.COM and open a new FACEBOOK session

LOGBYE instructions: step 3

Enjoy your protected FACEBOOK

LOGBYE instructions: step 4

If you walk away LOGBYE logs you out automatically

If you walk away, we log you out!

What is it ?

Have you ever logged into your favourite social network at a friend's place ?
Have you ever forgot to logout your Facebook session on a computer at school, college or into the meeting room at the office ?
Maybe not... or maybe not yet! And if you do... there's nothing protecting you!
Anyone can take a look at your stuff, be it for curiosity, a prank or malicious intents, without leaving a trace!
Billions of people use their online accounts every day, and if just 0.1% of them forgets to logout a session... there's hundreds of millions of accounts getting "looked at" or even stolen.

Logbye employs a patent-pending technology capable of protecting people from their own accidental forgetfulness.
When you physically leave the computer you logged-in, carrying your smartphone with you, Logbye logs you out of that session automatically.
You have to remember to do ... absolutely nothing! You just simply walk away and stay safe!

How can I get it ?

"Logbye for Facebook" will soon be available as a free iOS and Android app and web service.
"Logbye Services" for third-party integration will be announced after the Facebook app is released.
Subscribe to our newsletter and we'll let you know when our products are ready.

I'm a prospective client or investor, may I see it ?

"Logbye for Facebook" was demonstrated live during "AppsWorld Germany 2015".
By subscribing to our newsletter indicating you are a prospective client or investor, you'll be able to get beta versions of our "Logbye for Facebook" and "Logbye Services" products.
When you do subscribe as a client/investor, please don't forget to fill out the "Company" field as well, even if not required by the form.
If you need to take key decisions for a project and check whether Logbye can be a fit for it, send us an email and discuss the possibility to arrange a live demo for you before public release.

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